Taxes Prepared For Your Peace Of Mind

Having a tax preparer file your returns can give you peace of mind. Tax laws can change every year. Our lawyers stay up to date on new tax laws and how they might affect you. This way, you can have peace of mind in your tax preparation.

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Tax Services You Can Afford

We can prepare your tax returns at reasonable prices. This means you can save time and effort for doing things you enjoy, rather than working on your taxes.

The initial charge for preparing tax returns includes several standard forms. After that, fees are charged per form if additional documents are needed. Remember: Fees you pay us for preparing your taxes are also tax-deductible.

Get Your Tax Questions Answered

We can answer your questions such as:

  • Can I get earned income credit?
  • Where can I obtain a W-7, application for ITIN form?
  • I support my family in another country. Can I claim them as dependents?
  • What kinds of things might be red flags for the IRS for auditing?

Our tax preparers can answer these questions and more.

Convenient And Fast Electronic Filing

We will e-file your state and federal tax returns. This electronic service means you'll get your money back sooner. E-filing also means we will have your records computerized in case you need extra copies later.

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